CAS Goals
The Center for Atmospheric Sciences (CAS), in the Department of Physics, has a three-fold focus of closely related objectives: fundamental research; education at the graduate and undergraduate levels; and outreach to the public, university, and K-12 communities. The center supports the nation’s programs in atmospheric, climate, and space sciences and works closely with partnering institutions around the world.CAS is housed in its own buildings on campus with supporting laboratory space at HU. Some cooperative programs are conducted at LaRC, as well as at other institutions. Developments in remote sensing technology are closely linked to the HU Research Center for Optical Physics (RCOP).

The Center for Atmospheric Sciences’ Goals are to:

  • Establish a center of excellence in atmospheric and space sciences at HU to enhance and complement NASA, NOAA, NSF and DOD research;
  • Establish HU faculty, curriculum and programs leading to advanced degrees in atmospheric sciences;
  • Conduct fundamental research in atmospheric and Earth radiation sciences; and
  • Establish innovative approaches for educational and public outreach.